Board Quantities

Prototype and high production quantities
Scheduled low and high volume production for J.I.T.


Commercial manufactured to IPC standards.
UL 94V-0, Code 2, No. E92841. (to .004" min. lines).
Military, MIL-P 55110
GF, GI, CE Type 1, 2 and 3 with etchback.
NASA NHB5300.4 requirements for printed wiring boards.
MIL-I-45208 Quality System.
ITAR Registered.
ISO 9001:2015 Cert.# AGS-US041009-2/4


All Laminates and Prepreg certified per MIL-S-13949
FR4 GF (including Tetrafunctional and Multifunctional)
BT/Epoxy laminates
Polyimide GI
HTE copper
TMM3,TMM6,TMM10 Ceramic
FR-4,Tg170,Tg180,370HR,ISOLA S410,S480


8 plus layers, average layer count 4-8 layers.
Fine line to .004" & thin core, utilizing vacuum press
lamination 24 x 24 platens Multiline post-etch punch
tooling system Controlled impedance.
In-house engineering support for design and TDR
verification Access to Gerber Automated Optical
Inspection ATE for shorts and opens


Process standard hole diameters of 6:1 aspect ratio
Smaller hole diameters of more than 4:1 aspect ratio
Blind and buried via capability

Surface Finishes

Tin/Lead HASL OR Led Free HAL(RoHS)
Tin-Nickel Nickel-Gold tab and full panel, Soft Wire Bond Gold
Silver Palladium ,White Tin
Electroless Ni-Immersion Gold ENIG
Solder Mask Over Bare Copper (SMOBC)
with Hot Air Solder Level (HASL), Led free Solder HAL
Selective Solder Strip

Circuit Traces & Spacings

Fine Line technology to .004".
Fine Pitch Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

Solder Mask & Legend

Liquid Photoimageable Soldermask.
Dry Film Soldermask.
Standard screen epoxy masks.
Silkscreen Nomenclature standard epoxy.

Electrical Testing

Circuit-Line 100 Volt Universal Grid Test System.
Test area of 16.0" X 22.0" in. with 35,000 test points.
Clamshell testing with SMT. Net list testing from
Gerber Data. High voltage testing.

Laboratory Process Control

Fully compliant and automated Waste Treatment System.
Plating analysis capabilities and full service in-house lab for
cross-sections, elongation and tensile strength of plated
deposits, microscopic examinations


Gerber conversion with laser photoplots Complete
Computer Aided Manufacturing with panelization
High Speed Internet
access via www page, e-mail, and Ftp site (coming soon).

Scoring/Web Routing

Per Spec

Dry Film Soldermask

Riston and Dynachem