Circuit Express, Inc. wants to become your printed circuit board partner. In order to earn and nurture that partnership, we will reassure you that our method of conducting business, will synchronize with your needs, your time, and your budget. In every facet of our business relationships, customer satisfaction is our primary goal! "We are committed to total customer satisfaction through ceaseless improvement in quality, technology, and on-time deliveries"

Circuit Express' long term vision centers on the following strategies :
Focusing on high quality products and sophisticated value engineering, manufacturing, and in-house testing services that maximize Circuit Express' core technology. Partnering with customers to lower their production costs by providing quality designs , inventory management, and just-in-time delivery. Upgrading technology to increase yields, and enable Circuit Express to develop or modify new processes that surpass market requirements. Circuit Express has a heritage of continuous quality improvement, from product design through manufacturing. We continue to align ourselves with the emerging quality and increasing technological demands of the advanced printed circuit board industry into the millenium.